Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wizard of Oz at Neptune Theatre

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I followed, followed, followed, followed, the yellow brick road last Wednesday with my colleague Kim and we ended up at Neptune Theatre's production of The Wizard of Oz. Now, if you want to read a really funny, eloquent review of this production and the political nature of the story (WHO KNEW), then click here for Jon Tattrie's review in Halifax Magazine. Having never written a review before, I'm feeling a little out of place LOL.

Where to start? How about my most memorable moments from the show? Definitely the crows. OMGosh they were hilarious! And perfectly timed. There are two parts of the movie I don't remember--the crows and the monkeys. I'll be watching for them both next time. 
After their cackling was done, and they moved off to the corn field to eat, I nearly forgot they were there until Kim poked me. I looked over and they were unwrapping the corn cobs and in a very unified manner eating the corn like they were synchro-typing. I can steal hear their "CAAAAAWW, CAAAAAWW" ringing in my ears.

Then there was Nathan Lane...oh wait...I mean Andrew Scanlon. He played Zeke & the cowardly lion, but you'd swear he was separated at birth from Lane...especially in the "Lion King" reference (um, yeah, I know... Lion King was a long time after, but you'll understand when you see it). For a theatre novice like me, I thought his timing was absolutely perfect (that's a good thing, right? LOL)

Another true highlight was the children...the munchkins. Maybe it's because I'm a mom, but these kids were fabulous and funny. I loved their bright blue hair and costumes, and I just thought they did a fabulous job all around! Glinda, on the other hand...I don't want to be negative because Neptune generously gave me these tickets, but she was just freaky weird LOL What was with the bobble-head action?

Of course, Butch, playing Toto, stole the show. The poor little puppy was bounced and bobbled for two hours and hardly made a peep the entire show! His little head bobbed to the music as Dorothy "Followed the Yellow Brick Road", and he almost seemed to enjoy it. KUDOS to Blair Irwin for keeping control over a live animal for two hours, and for not letting him de-straw the Scarecrow.

If you're a fan of Wizard of Oz, you're sure to enjoy Neptune's production. It run through until January 9, 2011 so you've got lots of time to get tickets.


Jessica said...

What a wonderful time that must have been! I love the costumes. Thanks for sharing.

Jackie said...

Hi Anita, just wanted to hi from another Novascotian. I remember the last time I went to the Neptune theater to see Equus. This was in the late 70's. I moved to Florida in 1980 but get back once in a while to see my thre sons who still live there. Two live in Dartmouth and one in Bridgewater.
Maybe next time I am up there, we can chat.

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