Friday, August 27, 2010

Raise the Bar at the "HUT"

Oohhh....that Joni... she thinks she's so cute and all... this week's Raise the Bar challenge is to use a "hut" (house or building) in your creation. AND it will be judged by The Hovey Hut herself...get it??? LOL Sigh.... we love her anyhow! I had to do a lot of searching to find something to use for this challenge. I had almost given up when I pulled out an uncut sheet of rubber from Starving Artist guess what? I CUT IT! And funny enough, it is a "hut".

Now this card...I couldn't decide what sentiment to put on it, so I just left it to be decided when I use it. Originally I thought it would be a "wish you were here" card, but then I started looking at it and poor Moki, she looks like she might be laughing at the it could be an "I'm sorry" card. Or...don't you think she looks kind of panicky? Maybe it's a "I heard about your bad luck" card. What other sentiments can you think of to go with this one?

Oh...and the other thing I wanted to mention about this card is the clouds...see those clouds? I used the SAS Build a Cloud stamp to do that. It is sooooo have to have one!

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Laurie Wilson said...

Cute HUT card! Congrats on making the Doodle Pantry team, I can't wait to see what you create!