Monday, July 12, 2010


So....I've been following Cabio's blog now for about a year...met her on SCS like most of my other "pretend" friends LOL. If you don't know Cabio, you really, really need to go check out her amazing work. She's currently on the DT for YNS and has inspired me to apply for their current DT call. Their cute little girl Fhiona reminds me of my DDs so much that I'm sure I could use a few dozen stamps of her :) Anyhow...the application process is easy...all's I have to do is this post, with 3 of my best creations...hmmm...ok...maybe not soooo easy. How do you choose your own best work???

Well, this window card is definitely one of my more recent favs...y'all know I love my PMS!

Oh...I forgot about this one from Flourishes. I love this pink Irises even come in hot pink?

Ooooo...then there was my stepper card phase :) Just for Joni, here is the most time consuming card EVER, which now resides at PMS Headquarters LOL.

So wish me luck! And heck...why not apply yourself?


~*Joni said...

Yes yes yes!! There it is! The Hovey masterpiece back in print!! LOVE this card Anita, your work always wows me but this one made me fall off my chair. Beautiful work my friend, I am sooo excited for you and all of your DTs! They would be lucky to have you!!

Carisa said...

very cute! it seems your mojo has definately found you once again - congrats on all the recent DTs - i'm so excited to see you everywhere! good luck with this one - they would be lucky to have you!

Dawn Mercedes said...

I LOVE those stamps!! Don't have time for another team...but if I could just get on one..I'd be on this one! If you get on the team, rig a challenge so I can win some!! they are darling stamps!