Saturday, May 22, 2010

Raise the Bar--It's in the Bag's not a card...and it's not a scrapbook's an altered coffee can! I really don't do much altering, but I need a pen holder in my office and felt like making one. The challenge at Raise the Bar this week was to be inspired by your favorite bag/purse. Well...I'm soooo not a purse person...mine are very bland...and would you believe I only have 4 purses! One is winter (felted wool) and one is very dressy...the other two are boring old brown & grey...and the grey one is broken very inspiring. I did however see this awesome hot pink purse at Laura yesterday and it inspired me to use hot pink in my project...but I couldn't find a pic of that purse on their website....and silly me...forgot I have a camera phone now.  I would however, love to see YOUR purse...maybe you'll inspire me to go back and buy the awesome pink one :)

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