Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm Late, I'm Late, for a very important DT assignment!

OH MY! What a week. I still haven't got my own computer back and have to share with DH. His keyboard is funky...skipping letters because it seems I type too fast or something. I may lose all my, digi stamps, and so on...sigh...and both kids are sick...DD2 developed pinkeye today and is NOT impressed with eye drops.

Anyhow... I did manage to get some work done today and first on my list is this card for Corrosive Challenge and Raise the Bar. I had to combine them into one card because I just didn't have any creativity left to come up with a second idea LOL. That green thing in the middle is supposed to look like a four-leaf clover, but I think it looks more like a flower :( Maybe you'll have more luck playing with your stash this week...I sure hope so.


Patti said...

This is super cute!I hope things get better for you!

Carla aka scrappypug said...

sharing a computer is not fun, is it? i am really possessive of mine :) Cute card.. love those papers too!

JazzyH said...