Thursday, August 20, 2009

My OLD Stamping "Space"

Before I show you what my new craft space looks like, here are some pics of what I was dealing with before.

This was my workspace...or lack thereof! I stamped on the green mat on the left and the rest of the 6 foot table was FULL of stuff! There's a bulletin board on the wall that held some light supplies, project instructions, cards from friends, and other info. Oh yes, there's my Cricut...which I had to adjust everytime I wanted to use it. The grey thing in the middle is my Tonic 12x12 cutter (LOOOVE it!).
Under the table are miscellaneous things I was recycling, my heat gun, my CB Binder, and the filing cabinet that has not much to do with crafting LOL.
To the right of the table is the "old" computer station. Notice how the CB is on the computer desk? And my Cricut Cartridges are on the very top of the CD holder on top of the desk.
This was my unruly unmounted stamp storage "system"... Needless to say it wasn't fun to look at all the stamps and find the one I needed. And they were sitting on top of two non-stacking, but stacked "organizers" that didn't work very well.
Next to the stack of unmounted is my little marker cart...holds all my markers perfectly. Then the SU ribbon keepers...stacked six high and still overflowing LOL!
My new Nestabilities storage tin. When not in use, they all lay flat and the top closes. They are held on to the cardboard sheets with magnetic sheets.
My main paper storage. Wire cubes from Costco and put together with cable ties at the heights I prefered. The bottom cubes are full of "schtuff" I had nowhere else to store. To the left, you can see I used the same system for my SU Stamps. Both sets of cubes are stacked on top with sttuff as well.
Another view of my stamp storage cubes. I had two plastic carts FULL...punches alone took up three drawers! You can see I'm spilling onto the floor in no organized way.
Abover the carts were built in shelves full of magazines, extra NIP paper, embellishments and sewing supplies. Oh yes, and 4 boxes of reinkers teetering carefully LOL.
My floor...just like a line down the middle for me & DH. Except for the computer he never crossed the pile in the middle. From front to back: Blog Candy box, layouts for scrapbooking club, my portable case, sale box, 2 iris boxes full of dp, several scrapbooks standing up, and just to the left of that my white display board and under that a "broken" scrapbook (which I finally fixed today).
And finally, the top of DH's bookcase and the window sill LOL. There's boxes of cards, and piles of "stuff" for scrapbooks.
Ok...that's what I had until this week... stay tuned for the new look!

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