Thursday, August 20, 2009

My NEW Craft Studio! YAY Me! took a whole week from start to finish, but I think it was worth it. It took me two days just to move everything and organize, reorganize and reorganize again LOL. But now I am ready to show the world my new Craft Studio (formerly known as the dining room.)

This is the view from the front entrance to the house. First off...HARDWOOD FLOORS! How much easier will this be to clean? LOL We keep the central vac in this room anyhow to use on a daily basis in the kitchen, so it's perfect for cleaning up all the bits o paper & glitter on the floor. YES, my dining room was red to begin with...I loved it, but DH was tired of the of the reasons I got to didn't need to be painted if I took it over. I bought the black counter tops at a local discount building supply place for a mere $130 (Normally it would have been at least $400, which I wouldn't have been able to afford. The bases were custom built by my nephew out of recycled melamine shelving bought at the same place for $20.
A bookshelf I picked up FREE today thanks to a generous freecycle member. It's got some ugly stickers on it, but I only plan to use it temporarily while I'm figuring out what I really need.
Beside the new bookshelf is my taller plastic cart...housing miscellaneous stuff: adhesives, alterables, stickers, ribbon duplicates. That is DD Elizabetth trying to get into the photos. LOL.
The NEW bookcase I bought and assembled...I thought it was going to be a nice display case...but it's full LOL. It's housing all my cards (two + shelves) sorted loosely by company & purpose. To the right you can see my wire cubes rebuilt to hold my SU Stamps and extra ink pads (that is a recycled salad container...which is also what all my my cards are stored in right now). Scrapbooks and some supplies are on the base shelves.
My main work space. The chair is under the counter...DH just shoved it there. I stand when I stamp, so the counter is 36 inches high, which is a perfect standing up height. I just need to get a stool for sitting while I color. I put towel bars on the wall for my punches, but my little punches don't fit, so they're on top of the marker cart to the right. The box underneath is filled with large zip loc bags filled with all my plain cardstock scraps, sorted by colors. The "piece de resistance" is the pegboard system. When I told my nephew that I wanted to put up pegboard, he suggested making shelves behind it so that the space wasn't wasted...made sense to me, so this is what we have.
Pegboard closed.
Inside of pegboard unit. Notice all the cd cases of unmounted stamps in the top left...I just need to label them for easy looking. All my embellies, single wood stamps, Cricut cartridges, reinkers, nesties and acrylic blocks are in there out of the way!
My high tech closer device (it's a ponytail elastic).
The far right corner of the counter houses my 2 Xyrons, Cuttlebug, Cricut, ribbon keepers, scrap designer papers and miscellaneous stuff I didn't get put away yet. There's a smaller plastic card under there with alterables and gifty things in it, all my baggies, etc. Also under the counter a bag of coasters, my portable storage cart and more alterables. I think I need to start altering some of the stuff I'm storing!!!
This is DD Samantha getting in the way of the pic of my paper storage cubes LOL.
On the back wall I have my 6 foot table...currently empty, but there for classes. And I'm sure it won't take long for stuff to migrate to there. I have doors to put on both entrances to the room...more to keep the cats out, but also the kids on occasion. I am hoping to get an inkpad wall unit from SUink for Christmas and perhaps a nice wall unit for ribbon storage...both will help clear off the counter top. I think I am going to love my new home. It's right beside the kitchen, for one. I'll be able to nip in and play while the kids are watching some movie for the kazillionth time. Not to mention being able to clean up easier as the sink is right there. It's very convenient for holding classes in my house too...I can easily fit 6 and possibly 8 people and now they don't have to go down into my basement! The only thing I'll miss is the 10 degrees cooler that the basement was in the summer. But in the winter my hands won't be stiff from cold either. It's all good!
Tonight I will be actually PLAYING in my new space for the first time. I can't wait! Thanks for looking at my old & new spaces.


Papertrails by a paper lover said...

Anita I love your new space That peg board with shelves behind it is brilliant. Also like your closing device. ;-) Have fun tonight!

Martha said...

wow lucky you!
i wish I had a big space like that ;)

PaperCrafty said...

Fabulous space Anita!! I LOVE the red and the peg board w/shelves is awesome!! Enjoy your space and have fun playing tonight!!

Joanne Travis said...

Yay, Anita!! way to go. Your newly organized space is really awesome. I need to do this too, it is one of my projects I've lined up for when school resumes. Right now it is a disater! Thanks for the motivation.

Kim said...

Wow...awesome room, you've been BUSY this week!

Jennifer said...

It's wonderful. You are a lucky girl. I love the Red.

Laurie said...

Wow, what a difference! Looks great!

Abi Bundy said...

I am so jealous of the size of this room!!!!! I have a room just bigger than a cupboard!

Paige said...

What a great space for creating! You have a terrific nephew!

Cassie said...

thanks for the tour anita!! i love the red walls!!! and your pegboard unit is awesome!! can't wait to see your beautiful art that comes out of your new studio!!

Rebecca said...

This is absolutely awesome! I love how organized it seems. And the red color is gorgeous. I'll bet that you were thrilled to take over this space!