Friday, June 27, 2008

No, I'm not colorblind!

Yes, I chose to color this horse turquoise. Why, you ask? No, I don't think that horses actually come in blue. My DD turned 5 this week. We had a bowling party for her on Saturday and her little "boyfriend" from school was unable to make it. He brought her a gift anyhow. It guessed it...a blue horse, with lots of sparkles in it's mane, tail and fluffy hooves. She named her Sparkle and she LOVES it. On the card they wrote "Alex wanted to get you a friend for your pink horse." So Sparkle is now Pinky's best friend...kinda like Elizabeth & Alex. They are so cute together...hugging goodbye...he holds her hand and brings her over to his "play" station, etc. It's sweet. Anyhow...I don't know if she likes Sparkle more because it's a really cute, cuddly horse and she's never had a blue one (probably the only color she doesn't have), or if it's because it came from Alex! So, this is the thank you card for Alex... you get it! I don't know if you can see, but I've also been experimenting with Stickles...there are sparkles in her mane and tail and on the cowboy hat. Isn't it cute? For a blue horse, that is :)

The Coolest thing to do with your Cuttlebug

So, yesterday on Splitcoast, someone showed us that you could make metal embellishments with your Cuttlebug out of....

Are you ready?

Wait for it...

Pop cans!

Now, I had heard of using pop tabs as ribbon slides, but I didn't really care for that look myself. However, when I saw the pop cans embossed, well, I rushed right over to my recycling bag and found a diet Pepsi can to tear apart. I did manage to cut myself in the process. Cutting a pop can produces very ragged edges!

In the end, this is what I did with the embossed sheet of pop can. I played with my new Giddyupabella. Someone over on SCS told me to try embossing the Bella images before coloring...and I like the result much better than not embossed. I like the bellas so much now, that I've order a few...for Samantha & Elizabeth of course!

Monday, June 23, 2008

WOW! Has it really been that long?

Since I posted...I'm a negligent blogger...shame...shame on me! I've been too busy over on SCS playing games to be actually stamping. However, I did get some great images from Thinking of Father sent to me rencently and I practiced my watercoloring on them... here's what I did!