Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hummingbird Heaven

My friend Krista came over to stamp the other day, and while she left with a new, big pile of nestabilities circles, I managed to swipe a few images of this hummingbird from Pretty Amazing. I don't really care for the set, but I do love the little birdie. Here's my first try with Harry the Hummingbird. He's colored in with Celery & Pretty in Pink. The flowers around the circle are done with the small stamp from Full of Life, which I colored using my markers...it took a bit of time, but I'm pleased with the result. The background paper is actually just Whisper White paper with hand-drawn lines on it in Pretty in Pink, Celery and Banana. Markie's Mom did this for a challenge on SCS last week and it was just what I needed for this card today.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


My card for MOJO Monday turned out a little "Halloween-y"...I need to work on adding more than two colors to a card, I think :) But it's cute. I'm finally getting the hang of nesting the Nestabilities dies. I stamped Timmy the Tabby twice and cut out his head so I could pop it up on dimensionals. The Pumpkin background is embossed with the Cuttlebug Swiss Dots folder...one I thought I wouldn't need :)



Friday, April 18, 2008

Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge

Holy carp...two sketch challenges in one week? How will I top that? Beate was one of my first stamping "idols"...I read her blog frequently for inspiration, but I never participated in her challenges until tonight. This one just looked so easy. I used paper from the Summer Picnic series and the tulip from Garden Whimsy. The sentiment is from Sassy Suzie and I had to make the word window a bit wider by double punching it. Wish I had the rectangle nestabilities now...would've been way cool on this card.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

CC162 at SCS

So, here's the card that got me thinking about Grey's and Blush... The circle is too big, I think, but otherwise I think it turned out ok for my first attempt at a Nestabilities card...I love them by the way and will have to get more asap!

The little flowers are stamped in Basic Grey and colored in with the Blush Blossom marker. I stamped the butterfly from Garden Whimsy on the circle's edge and cut out another to glue on top...in person it pops out in such a way that she appears to be flying! The background paper is from the DS Ginger Blossoms series.

Ok...that's it for today. I've uploaded 3 posts, saved one kitty, managed to have a shower with my bad back, planned an outing with a friend, got caught up on General Hospital, and went grocery shopping... I need more coffee :)

What Would YOU do?

So here's my story... a few weeks back my 3 year old, Samantha, got upset with Elizabeth because she didn't want to share her stuffed kitties. "But Mommy, I don't have a kitty to play with," she said tearfully. Being the loving and dutiful mother, I said "I'm going shopping today. Maybe I could look for a kitty that would be just for you...how would that be? What color do you want?" She replied, a bit brighter, "Pink". I'm thinking, pink? How am I going to find a pink kitty? "Well, pink might be hard to find...if I can't get pink, what other color would you like?" "Black" is the reply. So off I go in search of a stuffed kitty to mend her broken heart. I go to a store that has overstocks & discontinued stuff to look for an inexpensive pink cat...no luck, but there is a black & white one for $5, so I buy it just in case.

Later, at Chapters, I head back to the kids books section just to see what's on sale for Easter and lo and behold, there is a pink Webkinz kitty...so I bought it. When Samantha got home that afternoon I took her up to her room to show her the new kitty on her bed. She absolutely loved it...it was one of those "I did the right thing" Mommy moments. She decided to call the kitty Fluffy. Fluffy became the subject of many heated debates between the girls. Now Elizabeth was crying "But I don't have a Fluffy". Sometimes you just can't win!

Fluffy doesn't leave Samantha's side for the next week. She takes her to daycare and sleeps with her both there and at home. She talks to Fluffy in the car and sometimes she even shares Fluffy with Elizabeth. Then one day, Fluffy isn't in her cubby when I pick her up. We search the classroom, the beds, the cubbies, but Fluffy is gone. Being the positive thinker I am, I tell the teacher "Well, maybe it will come back tomorrow when they realize it's not theirs." I mean, we've taken things home in backpacks that didn't belong to us and returned them. After all, it did have her name written on the tag. But, I said to myself that I should have known better than to let her take a Webkinz to school.

However, 2 weeks later, Fluffy still hasn't returned. We've had many tearful nights..."I miss Fluffy"... "Where's Fluffy?", etc. So, we search for another Fluffy to replace the stolen one. The pink kitty is hard to find. In fact, the only place we find him, another week later, is back at Chapters and there is only one. Hoping to avoid a huge fight again, Daddy brings home Fluffy & Silky (a grey cat). There are still fights, but mostly the girls are just happy to have Fluffy back, although they are clear that this is a new Fluffy because the other one was stolen. And we made it clear to them that neither of the kitties would be going into the daycare.

Shoot ahead another month...to TODAY. I'm helping Samantha take off her coat and hang it in her cubby when I notice a pink webkinz kitty in the cubby across the hall from her. "Oh, that can't be hers, I think...I'll check when she goes into her room, but I'm sure they would have taken the tag off if it is hers." BUT NO! It clearly has Sam H on it...it is Fluffy! She's dirty, but she's there.

At first I was angry. Who let's their child keep a toy that came home from daycare with someone else's name on it? Don't they realize how upset a child could be when their "lovie" goes missing? Then I realize that the family that has "borrowed" Fluffy is an immigrant family who speak very little English...I'm starting to excuse them because of that... you know...maybe the parents didn't understand that it was stolen? Maybe they thought it was a gift? I don't know. When I mention it to Samantha's teacher she tells me that the child knows English very well and even if she didn't, they should have known better. So now I'm a bit angry again. The Executive Director is floored when I tell her I found it, and where. She agrees, they should have known better. I only really told the teacher and ED so that they would know what happened if the child was upset by her missing kitty at nap time.

I know, it's just a Webkinz, but it's the principle of the whole situation. So, I've got Fluffy at home now, waiting for a bath. When I call Dave to tell him I found Fluffy, and where, we start to feel badly for the little girl who is NOW missing Fluffy. We've already replaced Fluffy, he says, "Why not give the old one back to the girl?" I had thought the same thing, too, actually...but then what does that teach her? That stealing is ok? That people will forgive you and just let you keep what you stole? So, we're not giving her back the stolen Fluffy. But I feel sad for her.

So, to my original question, if you've made it this far...What would you do? I would truly like to know.

Monday, April 14, 2008


YAY! I got my time back...it's Monday and I've already finished my MOJO33 submission...well, the first one anyhow. I'm not thrilled with this one, but it's ok. I was trying to make it fit the color combo challenge on SCS last week...so I like it, except for the Glorious Green...blech!

The three Little Flowers on the side are attached with Build A Brad...I only wish I had put them in a bit further. Used my new Cropadile for the holes...why was I putting off buying that, anyhow?

Now...for tomorrow, wait to see something done with my new Nestabilities dies...They arrived last week, but I haven't had time to play with them yet. That will be my goal for this week. That and getting some volunteer work tasks off my plate!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

MOJO Madness

Doing a bit better than last week...It's only Wednesday and I got to finish my MOJO32 submission :) It's not one of my favourite creations, but it's ok...I'm sure it won't even compare to many of the mojolicious designs some of the "competitors" will come up with, but it's still fun to try.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Finally...time to stamp!

Once again the week has flown by and I haven't picked up a rubber stamp until Friday night! My excuse this week is a sick three year old...mostly she's just cranky with a fever, but she did lose her dinner twice yesterday and required a lot of cuddling (you take the good with the bad).

Anyhow...I was determined to get back on track with the MOJO challenges, so that was my priority tonite when I came down to my craft space...it was such a great layout I had to try it! The only thing I wish is that I had the Nestabilities dies already...these circles are just a bit too big. The colors on this are Cameo Coral and Ruby Red (it's looking much pinker on my screen than in real life). Faith, if you're looking...are you proud of me??? I used a ton of dots!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sneak Peek of Upcoming Class

Ok...as promised, here is a sneak peek of the upcoming class I am preparing...can you guess what this is? In the meantime, here is a class I CAN tell you all about.

Scrapbook in an Evening Class
When: Monday April 21
Time: 5:30 pm (please feel free to bring supper with you if you’re coming straight from work)
Location: The Arthritis Society boardroom, West End Mall, 2nd Floor
Cost: $30 pre-paid
RSVP and payment due: April 7th

The ever-popular class is back! This time, choose a boy or girl themed kit and make a great 6x6 brag book for your child, a new parent or grandparent…in just 3 hours. Kit choices are Crew Kids Boy and Crew Kids Girl. Registration includes complete scrapbooking kit, 1 roll double sided tape, embellishments, light refreshments, complete written instructions/scrap map for 12 6 x 6 layouts (6 2-page layouts). Can’t make it on the 21st? I am also offering the kit by “mail”, just add shipping cost (Canada only, please) and I will send you everything from the class except the refreshments! Complete the scrapbook at your convenience with my full detailed instructions.

Bonus idea: Not sure if you need a boy or girl kit? This scrapbook uses only ½ of the kit, so why not trade with a fellow scrapper for ½ of the opposite kit? Then you’ll have one completed and can complete the second one at home.

Suggested Add-Ons for class:
6 x 6 page protectors $7.50 for 20
Linen post album $25.95
Stampin Write Markers $4.25 each