Monday, January 28, 2008

Princess P

This is a photo I snapped yesterday of Samantha (looking way older than nearly 3), in her "Princess P" outfit. Princess P is her favourite character on Super Why, a great pre-school reading show. She was running around singing the Princess P song "I really love to spell, P-E-L"...which is pretty good for NOT being able to spell. Then she picks random words and pretends to spell them with her wand. And she kept coming over to ask me how we were going to fix the story (which is what Super Why does), and would I help her pick apples...a lame attempt to get me to say the famous "Not I" from little red hen which Super Why read that morning. These are the days that I enjoy being a mother.

Another Square Card

I just love how this card turned out...I think I'm getting better! It was inspired by a card on SCS, of course, and the color challenge for last week, I think. Actually, I just had this Cerise paper that is retired and I'm trying to use it up :) It also uses the Sale-A-Bration set "All Scallops"...a definite must-have in my books. Now, could someone I know please have a boy?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Bathurst High Tragedy

For those of you from away, you may not have heard the news of last week's devastating accident. Seven young boys from the Bathurst High School basketball team in New Brunswick died when their 15 passenger van was in a terrible accident. The coach, who was driving the van, also lost his wife in that accident. My neice, who loves to write and plays on the Dartmouth High basketball team, was asked to write a tribute for the boys, as part of DHS's tribute at their game on the day of the boys' funeral. I wanted to share her poem with everyone because it's sweet, thoughtful and makes me cry.

The Boys in Red
That's what we're called.
We lie under your feet in breathless coffins
With flowers as beautiful as the ones that loved us,
Ones that touched us,
Ones that said good night and tucked us into bed
Ones that said “I love you” for the first time
Ones that taught us how to catch and dribble the ball of the game we once lived for.

We can see you sit by the window caught in your thoughts
Looking out at another day people take for granted.
But don't worry, we are still amongst all of you
We will be there with every step forward you make
And every fall you take.
We have built a home in your hearts,
And made a memory in your thoughts.
Just promise us you'll live every second,
Every minute,
And every hour
Until you have nothing left.

We are The Boys in Red who rep the Phantoms.
A tragic and unexpected death came upon us.
You may not think it's fair
But we have faith that you'll find the strength to pull through,
You always do.
We ask for one thing,
Don't dwell on the past for there's nothing you can do,
But focus and make a difference in the future
But never forget the happiness we brought to many hearts.

We're always with you
In the air you breathe
In the words you speak
In the love that you share
And the moments of silence where you remember us.

Please keep watching the game where we found happiness
On the court, and off
You have been with us through the wins and losses
And now it's our turn to help you through this devastating stepping stone life has brought.
Keep your heads high and proud
And tell our story with compassion and no regret
We want to feel your happiness even when we're not there.

We love you, and won't stop
Don't forget what you taught us,
And all the good times we've had
For we grew up into fine men.
Every time you look up into the sky
You'll see our smiling faces looking down upon yours.
This was no one's fault for what happened,
It was simply an accident that couldn't be prevented.

The Boys in Red
That's what we're called.
We lie under your feet in breathless coffins
With flowers as beautiful as the ones that loved us,
Ones that touched us,
Ones that said good night and tucked us into bed
Ones that said “I love you” for the first time
Ones that taught us how to catch and dribble the ball of the game we once lived for.

Lest we forget The Boys in Red.

Written by: Carolyn McCurdy
January 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008

One more post for today...

So...I know some of you are anxiously awaiting my upcoming class list...I have to say, I'm kind of stumped. I've got some ideas, but I don't really know what you're, why not send me a quick note and let me know what type of class would bring you out to play for an evening, or an afternoon?

Card Buffet - make as many cards as you like for $2 each (usually 4-5 designs to choose from)
Scrapbook in an Evening - Create a number of set layouts, depending on size, 6x6 or 12x12?
Specialty Scrapbooks - want to make a star book? Paper bag album? Squash book?
Techniques - want to learn more ways to emboss? Use household items in your crafting? Make specialty cut cards? Cards that move?

Please, tell me what type of classes you would like to see.


I'm not a snob!

In case you were thinking that I am a Stampin Up! "snob"'s proof that I'm not LOL! Like pretty much everyone I know, I too get sucked in by the good deals at Winners, or the cute embellishments at the local Dollar Store. This was one of those times. After delivering some orders one night, I stopped into a local dollar store that I don't normally get to and found these fabulous Prima knock-offs for just $2.50 a jar! Months later, I'm finally getting inspired to use them... and here's the result! It's an odd-sized card inspired by the magazine,'s 4x7...guess I'll have to go make my own envelope for this one.

Which brings me to a pet peeve I have newly acquired. While surfing last night for instructions on how to make my own envelopes, I frequently ran across this statement "Find an envelope that is the size you want, tear it apart and use as a template." Ok...anyone else see the irony in this? If I had an envelope that was the size I want then why would I need to make my own???? Maybe I'm just lazy because I use pre-made envelopes for most....ok...all of my cards, but who has time to make envelopes? Not me. Off to surf again for better instructions.

Hip to be SQUARE!

So, I'm on a square kick today. Have you checked out the latest edition of Card Creations: Quick & Easy? Well, it is so quick & easy to get inspired by their cards...or at least it was for me today. I had some time and came into my craft room...two hours later VOILA! I created these four square cards, plus a few more!

These two feature the Cerise paper recently retired from Stampin Up! Red and black is so striking together that it takes little embellishment to make a beautiful card. The one on the left has a charm on the ribbon that says "Love" if you can't make it out...that might be hubby's V-Day card...SHhhhhhh!

These two are great way to use up some small scraps of designer paper. The present in mounted on cardstock vellum for an elegant look. The card on the right features the new Ginger Blossom designer paper and the not-yet-available Sale-A-Bration stamp set "All Scallops". Did you know that you can earn free stamps and rub-ons during Stampin Up!'s Sale-A-Bration promotion? You get a free, limited edition stamp set for every $70 purchased from February 1 through March 15, 2008. Plus, hostesses with a party of $450 or more get an extra free set.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Back in Action

I am finally getting a whole day to myself after the "after Christmas rush" of returning gifts, shopping for deals, etc. Who knew how busy I could be while not working? Anyhow, here are some cards I've been working on for upcoming clubs, classes etc. I got a Cuttlebug for Christmas, so you'll see I've been using that a bit :)

This first one is a CASE from SCS. I just loved the color combo and the white swirly part is in velvet!!! I've had sheets of white velvet sitting in my space for years and never knew what to do with it. This is a great use for just ads a bit of texture to the card, and lightens it up a bit. All you have to do is put a piece of the velvet paper in your Cuttlebug embossing folder and VOILA! Love it, Love it, LOVE IT!

This is also a Cuttlebug card that I was inspired to make by a sample in a magazine recently. I don't know if you can make it out, but the black background has the swirly embossin on it, too. It's gorgeous in person.

My last Cuttlebug card is also inspired by SCS. I just liked the light, airy colors for spring and the way the butterfly seems to fly off the card. The trick is to stamp her twice and just tape her down by the body.