Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I have a Stamping Injury!

This is truly funny. I woke up this morning with a sore shoulder. Well, not really sore, but just feeling weird...kind of tired (and not because Elizabeth woke up screaming at the snow plow at 5:30 am). All morning it has been getting worse and worse. It grates when I move it, I have restricted movement and it really hurts when I raise it up a certain way. Let me tell you, driving home is not going to be fun. I finally broke down and took some advil. is this a stamping injury you want to know?

Well, see, I went to Las Vegas. Then I spent Saturday shopping, taking Samantha to the doctor for an ear infection, etc., etc. I didn't get anything done for the PMS club meeting tonight, or the two baby showers this week, or my own Christmas Cards. So, for the last two nights I brought some stamping up to do in front of the TV...big mistake. I was sitting in a nice comfy chair, with a TV tray pulled in nice and close, but the tray was too high for me. I could stamp one card, then I'd have to take a break! I guess all that repetitive stress gave me a mild case of bursitis...which, you should all know, is a form of arthritis (you can take the girl out of The Arthritis Society, but you can't take TAS out of the girl LOL). Anyhow... they're laughing at me at work because I have a stampin injury. If you're a PMS member reading this today, I'm just not sure if I'll be able to make it tonight...ohhhhhh....the pain.....

Does Stampin Up! have worker's compensation?

Family Photos

I can't post the actual photos here because that would be copyright infringement...but, I can send you to Shari's website to see our photo shoot from Sunday evening...what fun! I love the one of the girls wrestling, with both their mouths wide open in laughter :) Isn't Shari a fabulous photographer? at the bottom, click on Client Area and then click on Hoveys.

Let me know which ones are your favorites...I have to choose tomorrow so I can get them printed for Christmas delivery :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Vegas, baby!

I'm back from Las Vegas...whew...what a place! Everything is absolutely enormous! The hotels, the view...even the food! Here are a couple of pics from the trip. Beginning with the Marathon. Here's the Joints in Motion Team from NS/PEI. What a crew...they all did fabulous and we had a blast seeing the sights together.

One of the features of the Las Vegas Marathon is a huge contingent of "running Elvi"...yes, a couple of hundred runners dress up as the King himself and run either the half or full marathon. And as you can see, they like the, I do not know this man, he just saw me taking photos and decided to pose. I was at the 10 Mile mark of the half marathon, so maybe he just needed a break!
Other than the marathon, I did a lot of shopping...I did need a whole new wardrobe, ya know...I just lost 20 pounds! The outlets down there were great...but I think I'm allergic to this angora sweater I bought that I didn't realize was wonder it's so soft :)
We went to Freemont street one night to see the old fashioned Las Vegas. Saw the light show full of gambling enticements and girly girls on the canopy. Tried to get a photo with Chippendales...sorry girls, they wanted me to pay for that privilege...and ohhhhhh...they were just babies...ewwww. Not exactly how I thought I would react to seeing the half naked Chippendales on the street in person! LOL.
Vegas was fun, but it's not really a place I'd want to go again. I'm not a gambler...sorry...I'm a reformed gambler. I lost $2 on the slots while waiting for supper at Freemont Street. I was devastated and swear I'll NEVER do that again! :)
Now...on to Christmas preparations.