Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fun, Fun, Fun

Just a quick post with a couple of cute photos...

Here's Elizabeth making her one and only funny face...we see it a lot.

And here's the girls all bundled up to watch their first Santa Claus parade. They weren't cold...just bored. Elizabeth kept asking to go home...until Santa arrived, that is. Then she perked up and actually waved at him and said "Merry Kissmiss".

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

CASEing Fever

Just wanted to share a few cards that I've CASE'd (copied) from various places recently.

This one features Designer Series paper "Dashing"...did you know that the DS papers are on sale in November? Buy 3 get the 4th free! And there's free shipping all month as well. Time to stock up, I think :)

I also finally got out my Scallop Circle punch the other night and used it quite a few times. It really makes fun & easy embellishments.

More "Dashing" paper on this one...and a bit 'o paper piercing for detail & texture... I love the simplicity of this one.

Shhh...I used a retired wheel to make the swirly snow on this one...Whirly Twirly...but I think you could get the same effect from the Whimsy jumbo wheel. Oh...and there's that Scallop Circle Punch again :) There's a pink rhinestone brad in the centre of the snowflake, but it looks kinda silver in the photo. The rhinestone brads are a favourite of mine...they make great flower centers and just add a bit of bling to my projects.

And finally, this one is such a fun & unique color combo...Teal, Turquoise and Pink Passion, with a pink rhinestone brad in the centre, and paper piercing for detail. It took just a few minutes to put this one together.

Teacher Appreciation at Wee Care

Tomorrow during their lunch hours, I will be treating the ECE Teachers at Wee Care Developmental Centre (our daycare) to a card making "Staff Appreciation" event. Wee Care is a really special daycare that specializes in educating children with special needs. People often ask me why we're going there..."your girls seem normal" they say. Elizabeth has an undiagnosed developmental delay. It affects her social skills and language mainly, but she also has a motor coordination disorder. Yes, she seems quite "typical", but the delays are there. Wee Care has been a blessing for her. The teachers there have taught her so much more than I could ever hope to do as a stay-at-home-mom, which is why we decided to take her there in the first place. She has blossomed! I am sure she wouldn't be anywhere near ready to go to school next year if it weren't for Wee Care. So, that's why I'm doing this. That, and I think daycare workers are grossly underappreciated. I know that I could never do their job and I am very thankful that they do. Here are the two cards I'll be trying to cram into their lunch hours :)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Playing Dress UP

Samantha loves to change her clothes and play dress up. She will go through 4 or 5 outfits in an evening if we let her...and most of the time I do because, what harm is she doing? Well, yesterday she got into her closet and found the stash of "babing suits" that I bought on sale for next summer and insisted on wearing a bathing suit all day. In case you weren't aware, yesterday was the day we were preparing for a tropical storm to pass through and it was very windy and cold! All day she wore nothing but her "babing suit"...actually, two or three of them throughout the day. But it really got funny when she came out wearing my boots with it. She also has a bit of a shoe fetish. She'll change her shoes 3 or 4 times with each outfit too. I fear we've got a shopper on our hands...only 11 years till she's a teenager hitting the mall!

Halloween Fun

All month, everytime I asked her what she was going to be for Halloween, Samantha said "A Princess." All month. Elizabeth insisted she would be a giraffe. So, when it came time to put the princess costumes on (I don't have a giraffe), they put up a fuss. "No I want to be a Hula Girl, Mommy" said Samantha. So, out came the extra pants, shirts, coats, etc...with Leis on top! Kinda cold that night for a grass skirt...but they looked cute. Every house we went to Elizabeth tried to get the grand tour...walking right in and looking everything over. After the first house they began the "Can we eat it now?" And then after a couple of houses it was "One more house Mommy, please." We only went to about 8 houses, but they ended up with quite a bag full of treats...and all they want to eat are the plain ol' suckers!

In our subdivision we get very few kids out on Halloween. I think we might have had 20 or so this year...and that's actually a pretty high number for our house. We're so far out from the main road, and the houses are so far apart that we only get the locals...it's not a place you drive to just for the trick or treating. Lucky for us! It also means that people usually give really good treats out here. One house gave my 2 & 4 year olds Lindt pumpkins and ghosts! Well, they can't possibly appreciate that, I said as I put them aside to enjoy as a treat when this diet is over :) After all, Lindt chocolates are my absolute favourite chocolates (If Santa is reading this...TAKE A HINT!)